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After 10th...Science, Arts or Commerce...which stream??? How to choose...?!!!

By the time the 10th exams are over majority of the students as well as the parents will be in a state of dilemma!!!

which stream is good for my kid?

which stream I should join?...

Science, Arts or commerce...which is the best?

Lots and Lots of questions, some are fortunate to get it decided by themselves in advance.

Many face a lot of interferences & opinions from elders.

The VIRTUE Learners team will help you to decide on this with a short checklist

1) Have a clear idea of what all are taught in each stream and the future education scopes

2) Link the idea you got about the stream with area of interest

3) Think about what you want to be? Engineer, Doctor, Journalist...

4) Check whether you are eligible to get admission to that stream...If yes choose school accordingly

5) Talk with your family, teachers, seniors and then decide.

Finally the decision is yours...

Choose wisely and not for the sake of others

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1 Comment

Shikha Rajeev
Shikha Rajeev
Apr 01, 2021

Yes, as mentioned here, a career should be chosen wisely. In my opinion, make your passion your profession. Self assessment is the greatest tool .

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