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Engineering - An introduction

Engineering is a profession which has immense involvement in our socio cultural development and is closely related to human evolution. Each invention is an engineer’s brain. Each and everyone have an engineer inside, who is curious about something unknown. The only thing we need to do is to polish oneself and ignite the curious engineer in you.

Main areas of engineering involve Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science Engineering and Civil Engineering.

Electronics engineering deals with the design and implementation of electronic circuits using semiconductor devices like diodes and transistors. Electrical engineering is concerned with the development and implementation of electrical machines like transformers, motors and generators. Mechanical Engineering deals with the core understanding of mechanics, thermodynamics and internal combustion engines. Computer science Engineering integrates the field of computer programming and networking for design and development of networking devices. Civil Engineering discipline deals with the design and maintenance of physically built environments like roads, buildings, canals, dams etc. Other than all these branches there is aeronautical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Instrumentation and control Engineering, Biomedical engineering, Food engineering etc.

- Shikha R, Embedded software Engineer, Gadgeon Smart Systems Pvt Limited.

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